Camp Sunday Worship Resources

Camp Sunday - a special day set apart for your congregation to celebrate the ministry of camping together. Camp Sundays typically include camp style/themed worship and music and testimonials on the personal impact of camp. In-person worship can include decorating the church in a camp theme, special snacks or meals, time to share information on registrations and local financial support, and focused time during Sunday school and youth group to talk about age specific offerings…all wrapped in an informal, fun, and campy feeling day!

Decoration Ideas

Promotional/Social Media images
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      Power Point - Camp Sunday Deck
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Camp Sunday Worship Program
This Camp Sunday Worship Program includes call to worship, hymns, scriptures, prayers and a benediction. Scripture: Genesis 32:22-31 - Jacob Becomes Israel. Use this program or change it to make your own!

Camp Curriculum
This year, the camp curriculum, What's in a Name, focuses on names and identities and God who is bigger than all our words. Each camp day focuses on a different Old Testament or New Testament story of person who encounters God and has their life, identity, or name changed. For this year’s worship program, we have drawn heavily from Day 5, Name Tag.

Song Ideas 
Spotify Playlist - for What's in a Name. This playlist includes contemporary Christian and secular music to play before, during, or after worship. These songs tie in with the worship program above.

Camp Minnesota Promotional VIDEO!