Health Care Manager - 2019 Summer Job Opportunities

Camp Minnesota, of the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, is seeking two certified nurses (RNs) for our 2019 camping season.  Camp Nurses live on-site throughout the summer camping season and are on 24 hour call when campers are present.  Our campsites are accredited through the American Camp Association and have health centers that operate under physician signed standing orders/procedures.  The Camp Nurse is responsible for maintaining a clean and safe health center, administering medications, maintaining records, assisting in emergencies, and providing high quality care for routine health needs as well as to ill or injured campers, guests and staff.   Position includes salary, room and board.  Summer season runs from early June to mid-August.  Please call, toll free, 1-855-622-1973 or email

Job Title: Health Care Manager
Reports to: Camp Director at Northern Pines or Koronis

Position Purpose: The Health Care Manager is responsible for overseeing the health and safety of campers and staff.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Provide health care to meet individual needs of camp staff and campers.
    • Collaborate with other medical staff to meet medical needs.
    • Follow health care policies/procedures as described in the Camp Health Care Policies and Procedures and Physician’s Standing Orders.
  2. Organize, maintain, and utilize adequate resources for serving the health and medical needs of the campers, volunteers and staff.
    • Help set up and organize the camp Health Center.
    • Inventory and order all necessary medical supplies and equipment.
  3. Maintain accurate and detailed medical records according to state and American Camp Association Standards.
    • Ensure all camper, volunteer and staff health history forms are current and on file.
    • Prepare and utilize daily medical log for treatment and medications.
    • Prepare and record insurance and accident report forms as requested
  4. Oversee First Aid procedures and supplies.
    • Prepare and distribute first aid kits throughout camp including camp vehicles, kitchen, offices, waterfront, activity areas, out--of--camp trips.
    • Ensure supplies are well stocked and distributed as needed.
  5. Screen all campers and volunteers who are arriving and departing camp.
    • Verify health history and authorization.
    • Identify any observable evidence of illness or communicable diseases.
    • Conduct a health assessment.
    • Review and collect ALL medication from campers. (prescriptions, OTC meds, vitamins, cough drops, inhalers, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that can be used in the cabins). All pills must be counted and health forms must be initialed by parent/guardian at camper check in.
    • Label each medication with the camper’s name
    • Ask parents for details for administering medications and document on camper meds sheet
    • Health forms -- MAKE SURE ALL HEALTH FORMS ARE SIGNED BY THE PARENT, verify and update to identify any medication, changes in health status or special needs that may require further follow--up.
  6. Supervise sanitary conditions throughout camp.
    • Observe daily cleanliness in the food service facility and other areas throughout camp.
    • Report any health problems or symptoms of illness to the Camp Director.
  7. Health Care Center Organization
    • Organize health forms – put into alphabetical order by age level or event – store securely in Health Care Center
    • Report any health problems or symptoms of illness to the Camp Director.
    • After camper registration move all meds into health center
    • Get a copy of the camper registration page from camp director, make sure you have a completed form for each participant (camper and volunteer)
    • Inform staff of any special needs of campers (day and resident) – written or verbal
    • Store and lock all camper medications
    • Create the weekly meds. Distribution sheet
  8. During the camping session
    • Be on--call (24 hours) to attend to camper’s daily needs and emergencies
    • “Float” around to all programming areas to assist
Other Job Duties:
  • Perform any tasks beyond those assigned as help is needed
  • Develop a resource file and obtain information and/or literature concerning health in the camp community
  • Assist as needed in contacting parents concerning the status of their child’s health by telephone in the following situations: any injury requiring an x--ray, illness requiring an infirmary stay and emergency treatment/accident, etc.
  • Be knowledgeable of outside health resources
  • Evaluate medical services
Equipment Used:
Common over-the-counter medications, bandages, gloves, protective masks, AED. Campsites have relationship with local hospitals and clinics. We have access to a 24 consult from emergency care.

Qualifications: (Minimum Education and Experience)
  • 21 years old
  • Registered nurse (RN) with a license as required by Minnesota law
  • CPR certified
  • Current First aid certification and experience in first aid and emergency management
  • Driver’s license
  • Experience in both children and adult illness/injury care
  • Desire to work with children and young adults
  • Community health knowledge
Physical Aspects of the Job:
  • Ability to lift/assist campers and staff
  • Ability to read and follow directions on medication labels, health forms, physician orders, and parent letters
  • Ability to use a telephone and walkie-talkie
  • Maintain written record system
  • Ability to quickly get to remote locations on camp property over uneven terrain
  • Observe and assess sanitation and safety conditions of the camp
  • Ability to communicate with parents, staff, and administration about camper health concerns
  • Possess endurance to meet emergency needs

Camp Minnesota’s primary concern is the spiritual lives of campers. We are a servant ministry. Therefore, all summer staff can expect to perform duties not under their specific job responsibilities. All staff can expect to rotate into support staff positions throughout the summer camping season. Weekly assignments will depend upon the individual camp session needs. A full time staff member must be 18 years old, unless specifically approved by the Camp Director. Camp work can be physically demanding therefore all staff can expect to be on their feet and physically active during their employment. This may include, standing for long periods of time, running, swimming, lifting, and carrying. In addition to wages, all staff members receive 10 days of training, food and lodging, a staff shirt and certification opportunities.

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