Incentives & Discounts

Early-Bird Store Credit

Register for camp at Koronis, Northern Pines or Kowakan on or before April 30th, and receive a $25 store credit that can be used for snacks at the canteen or items from the store during your time at camp.

Bring-a-Friend Discount

For each new camper* you or your child bring to camp, your event fee will be reduced by $25**.  New campers will have a great time at camp, you’ll save some money, and everybody wins! This is our way of thanking you for helping us make camp even better!  Simply mark the Bring-a-Friend Discount portion of your registration, or contact our office at 855-622-1973.  Make sure to give us your friends name!  

* New campers are defined as those who have not been to any Camp Minnesota event in the past three years.
** Discounts cannot exceed the cost of your event registration fee.


Campers who attend a Camp Minnesota event at Northern Pines or Koronis Ministries will receive a string backpack and a water bottle when they check in. T-shirts and many other items are available for purchase at each camp site’s camp store. Early-bird credits (given to those who register for camp on or before April 30th) can be redeemed for canteen credit or camp store items.