Do you have your Church Code?

February 08, 2018
Did you know?  We offer Church Codes!  If your church is planning to offer financial assistance to your campers to help cover the cost of registration fees, a church code can help. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact the central camping office at 855-622-1973, and let us know you would like a church code.  You can choose to cover a percentage of camp fees or a specific dollar amount of your campers registered under your church name.
  2. Share your church code with your campers!
  3. When registering online, campers will be prompted to enter their church code.  Once the code is entered, the portion covered by your church will be deducted from their balance.  Campers may also write in the church code on paper registration forms.
  4. The camping office will send your church a bill for your portion.
  5. If you already have a church code and would like to make any changes, please give us a call #855-622-1973.

It’s that easy!