Northern Pines Camp Report for August 7-12

August 14, 2016
Our last week of conference camps was a full week!  We had 34 Mini-Discovery campers led by Michelle Ford and a volunteer staff of 6.  There were 33 Discovery campers and 17 Christian Friendship campers.  We had all 8 of the Northern Pine staff working, as well as 2 staff from Koronis Camp and one of the former international staff from Northern Pines who volunteered for the week.

Pastor Don Eslinger was one of the volunteers for Mini-Discovery Camp.  He shared this story about his time at camp:
“One of the highlights of my recent 3-camp event at Northern Pines with the very young ones was an evening event. My five boys (ranging from 6-8 years old) thought we should "sneak out" of our cabin after lights out. (Lights out are at 9:00 p.m.) Being the "strict" counselor that I am, I nevertheless agreed, if they would keep it a secret. And so, with flashlights in hand, (at 9:30) we quietly walked down to the lake and there watched the sunset, and the stars and moon come out. Also, as we sat on the bench, I told them to "listen to the silence", and then stated "For 60 seconds, NO talking". And so we sat, the little boys and me, and listened, while all on the bench. Then everybody got to share what they heard...the loons, the dragonflies, the water lapping, the wind blowing, a mosquito buzzing. Fun stuff!. Back in our cabin ever so quietly by 9:50, and all asleep by 10:05. If I didn't know better, I think there were six little boys sitting on that bench, listening to the sounds of silence."