Northern Pines Camp Report for July 17-22

July 22, 2016
How do campers find out about our camp offerings?  That is what I was wondering last week when we had a number of campers who were not directly connected to a United Methodist Church.  So I asked the campers, “How did you hear about this camp?”  One of the campers said that her mother had gone online and found Northern Pines on Facebook.  The camper had looked at all of the posts and pictures and thought Discovery Camp looked very fun, so her mother signed her up.  Another camper was asked by a friend to come to camp.  Another camper had gone to her church and they gave her a camp brochure to look at and she chose a camp from there. Another camper said her parent had gone to the conference website to look for a camp and she chose Northern Pines.  We are very grateful for the many ways campers learn about camp and then sign up to attend.  The first day of camp we talk about the courage to show up.  It takes courage to come to a new place, to meet new people, and try new things. 
We also learned that a stick by itself can be broken easily, but a bundle of sticks together cannot be broken....even by our strongman Program Director, Zach Brandt. When we stand up together we can't easily be broken or taken down. We learned in worship to have courage to stand up! And to do so with others in community!