Summer Theology Workshop at Koronis Ministries - June 11-15

March 28, 2017

Summer Theology Workshop

Koronis Ministries - Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
June 11-15 ~ Sunday – Thursday
Open for all interested clergy and laypersons
The annual Summer Theology Workshop (STW) at Koronis Ministries provides in depth theological insights on a specific topic every June to clergy and interested laypersons.  The Workshop takes place from a Sunday afternoon through Thursday lunch.  It is a time to listen, speak, learn theology, grow in faith, renew relationships, and relax by a beautiful Minnesota lake.
For many years Bruce Buller, retired member of the Minnesota Conference, was its leader.  After the 2012 Workshop Bruce retired from active leadership.   Presently Peter Milloy, a retired Conference member assisted by Roger Nelson, Certified Lay Speaker, have planed the 2017 Workshop, which is scheduled June 11 –15.
The 2017 theme is The Early Church: from Diverse Theology to Orthodoxy.   Our study book is Lost Christianities  by Prof. Bart Ehrman  of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  We will be hearing lectures by Prof Ehrman from the Lost Christianities  education series produced by the Great Courses to complement the text material.
Through book study, video lectures, and group discussions the STW will emphasize the significance of the new Christian religion on Jewish and pagan converts during the first three centuries after the Resurrection of Christ.  The Workshop will be a unique opportunity for United Methodists in Minnesota to gain an understanding about how the early diverse Christianities influenced theological developments that in time coalesced into the orthodox Christian beliefs held today.

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Peter Milloy
Roger Nelson