Volunteers in Mission

It takes a lot of work for campsites to become summer camp-ready—and each camp site is always looking for volunteers. Bring a group to camp for a day or two, take on a few projects, make some new friends, and help prepare a camp site for summer ministry. Volunteers help create a safe, clean, welcoming place for children, youth, families, and adults to experience God and creation. Every pair of hands counts! This is a perfect opportunity for youth groups, men’s or women’s groups, and families. There are projects for all skill levels and group sizes. Overnight accommodations may be available. Each camp has set aside a weekend for this opportunity, although groups can volunteer to assist at other times by contacting each camp site directly to learn more and make arrangements:

Northern Pines Camp, Koronis Ministries and Kowakan Adventures have volunteer days each May. 

Contact the Camp Minnesota Administrative Office toll-free at (855) 622-1973 for this years dates and to find out how you can help.

Camp Deans/Volunteer Camp Counselor

We are so excited to work alongside you for what promises to be another great summer at your camps!  Thank you so much for your gifts of time, commitment, leadership, and love with the children, youth and adults of the Dakotas and Minnesota UMC  Conferences.  There are a lot of exciting things happening in camp and retreat ministries and we're eager to share some highlights with you. 

All persons interested in serving as a camp deans/volunteer counselors in the Dakotas-Minnesota Area Camp and Retreat Ministries program are required to complete a Volunteer Application and an annual background check.  Simply register online for the camp you will be assisting with.  Once registered, the Volunteer Application will be available in the Online Forms section of your registration Dashboard.  This application should be completed a minimum of two weeks before camp to allow time to complete background checks.  Thank you for serving in this ministry! 

Below are some new opportunities for you as a camp dean/volunteer camp counselor and also forms and helpful resources for a positive experience  at camp for you and the campers. 

2019 Summer Curriculum

Peace is a prayer for some and a life’s work for others. It’s a blessing we share and a longing within each of our hearts. Scripture is filled with stories of peace and justice, and camp is the perfect place to share them. Peace isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth the effort; because we know that peace works! Peace Works, the newest summer camp curriculum resource from InsideOut, provides a fun, enriching, spiritual, and biblically based camp experience for campers of all ages. From Bible studies about the biblical call for justice and peacemaking, to learning about how other cultures name and express peace around the world, Peace Works will educate and empower campers to become peacemakers in their communities. Creative arts projects such as peace cranes and peace poles will help campers express their personal hopes for peace and connect them to larger movements for peace around the world.

If you would like the 2019 Peace Works curriculum and resources, please email the central camping office.

Dean/Volunteer Counselor Required Documentation

The forms and documents listed below can be found in the Online Forms section of your online registration Dashboard. 

**Signature required annually

  • Volunteer Application
  • Volunteer Dean/Leader Agreement (included in Volunteer Application)
  • Social Media and Communications Guidelines (included in Volunteer Application)
  • Child Abuse & Neglect Policy Statement and Appendix (included in Volunteer Application)
  • Annual Background Check (included in Volunteer Application)
  • Dakotas-Minnesota Area ADULT Camper Medical Information Form
  • Dakotas-Minnesota Area Release of Liability Waiver

Dean/Volunteer Counselor Helpful Information